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Hope for Film

From the Front Lines of the Independent Cinema and Movie Streaming Revolutions

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ON SALE: August 18, 2020 | Paperback | 320 pages | ISBN 9781640093508
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“There is nobody in the independent film world quite like Ted Hope. His wisdom and heart shine through every page.” –Ang Lee, Academy Award winning director of Brokeback Mountain

An inspiring, tell-all look at the indie film business from one of the industry’s most passionate producers, Hope for Film captures the rebellious punk spirit of the indie film boom in 1990s New York City, its collapse two decades later and its current moment of technology-fueled regeneration. Ted Hope, whose films have garnered 12 Oscar nominations, draws from his own personal experiences working on the early films of Ang Lee, Eddie Burns, Hal Hartley, Michel Gondry, Nicole Holofcener, Todd Solondz and other indie mavericks, relating those decisions that brought him success as well as the occasional failure.

Whether navigating negotiations with Harvey Weinstein over final cuts or clashing with high-powered CAA agents over their clients, Hope offers behind-the-scenes stories from the wild and often heated world of low-budget cinema — where art and commerce collide. As mediator between these two opposing interests, Hope offers his unique perspective on how to make movies while keeping your integrity intact and how to create a sustainable business enterprise out of that art while staying true to yourself. Against a backdrop of seismic changes in the indie-film industry, from corporate co-option to the rise of social media, Hope for Film provides not only an entertaining and intimate ride through the ups and downs of the business of art-house movies over the last 25 years, but also hope for its future.

About The Authors

TED HOPE is one of the most respected voices in independent film. His sixty-five-plus films include many highlights and breakthroughs in independent cinema, including The Ice Storm, American Splendor, 21 Grams, Happiness, Martha Marcy May Marlene, and Adventureland. Known within the industry for having an extraordinary ability to recognize emerging talent, Hope has more than twenty first features to his credit, including those of Alan Ball, Todd Field, Michael Gondry, Hal Hartley, and Nicole Holofcener.

ANTHONY KAUFMAN is a highly respected film journalist who has covered independent cinema since 1997. He was one of the founding editors of and continues to write about films and the film industry for a variety of publications.


Praise for Hope For Film

"I've always said that I was a 'Ted Hope-trained director.' From the very beginning of my career and over the course of quite a few films, Ted and I grew together, as he helped me find the practical path towards realizing my creative vision. I'm just one of many filmmakers who have benefitted from Ted's resources, his skill and enthusiasm. In this book, Ted Hope draws on his own experience to show you how to make a movie you can afford, instead of wasting time in development; and more importantly, he teaches you how to use limited resources to maximize creativity and artistic freedom. There is nobody in the independent film world quite like Ted Hope. His wisdom and heart shine through every page." --Ang Lee, Academy Award winning director of Brokeback Mountain

"Essential for the aspiring filmmaker -- read it before you plunk down $150,000 on film school!!" --Todd Solondz, director of Welcome to the Dollhouse

"Ted Hope's remarkable career makes for fascinating reading. He has lived in the center of independent filmmaking for almost three decades. His insight into the challenges and process of independent film offers any reader, whether you're a film student or indie movie fan, a unique glimpse into how specialized films really get made, sold and released." --Edward Burns, director of She's the One

"The book is full of behind-the-scenes anecdotes that mix grit, gumption, and charm . . . Hope for Film suggests that as long as there are passionate advocates and deeply invested, long-term thinkers like Hope, there is hope for cinema and a future for filmmaking." --Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

"In his new memoir Hope for Film, producer Ted Hope recounts his adventures in the indie film trade, working on everything from American Splendor to 21 Grams." --Hugh Hart, San Francisco Chronicle

"Filled with tidbits of earned wisdom and stories from the proverbial trenches..." --SF Weekly

"For anyone who is a producer, dreams of being a producer, or just wants to understand how the movie world really works, this book is a must-read." --Adam Leipzig, Cultural Weekly

"A relentlessly useful insider's guide to independent film from a longtime practitioner . . . [T]he book offers a variety of insights . . . Invaluable for film students." --Kirkus Reviews

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