Ted Hope


Hope for Film

A Producer's Journey Across the Revolutions of Indie Film and Global Streaming

“Essential for the aspiring filmmaker,” this is an inspiring, tell-all look at the independent film business from one of the industry’s most passionate supporters (Todd Solondz, director of Welcome to the Dollhouse)

Hope for Film captures the rebellious punk spirit of the indie film boom in 1990s New York City and its collapse two decades later to its technology-fueled regeneration and continuing streaming-based evolution. Ted Hope, whose films have garnered 12 Oscar nominations, draws from his own personal experiences working on the early films of Ang Lee, Eddie Burns, Alan Ball, Todd Field, Hal Hartley, Michel Gondry, Nicole Holofcener, and Todd Solondz, as well as his tenures at the San Francisco Film Society, Fandor, and Amazon Studios, taking readers through the decision-making process that brought him the occasional failure as well as much success.

Whether navigating negotiations with studio executives over final cuts or clashing with high-powered CAA agents over their clients, Hope offers behind-the-scenes stories from the wild and often heated world of “specialized” cinema--where art and commerce collide. As mediator between these two opposing interests, Hope offers his unique perspective on how to make movies while keeping your integrity intact and how to create a sustainable business enterprise out of that art while staying true to yourself. Against a backdrop of seismic changes in the independent film industry, from corporate co-option to the rise of social media and the streaming giants, Hope for Film provides not only an entertaining and intimate ride through the business of arthouse movies over the last decades, but also hope for its future.

“There is nobody in the independent film world quite like Ted Hope. His wisdom and heart shine through every page.” —Ang Lee, Academy Award winning director of Brokeback Mountain