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Song of the World

A Novel

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May 9, 2000 | Paperback | 5.5 x 8, 320 Pages | ISBN 9781582430676
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"There is still dew on this world of Giono's; he looks out on it and records his impressions of it almost as if he were the first man seeing it." —New York Times

Of Sailor’s twin sons, the elder is dead and the younger is missing. A simple woodsman, Sailor resolves to find the boy, fearing the worst. Soon after he and his friend Antonio set off, they stumble across a blind girl giving birth. This strange circumstance proves typical of their journey into the heart of the forest. Sailor and Antonio discover that, though the lost Twin is alive, he is the target of a manhunt. As Sailor and Antonio attempt to rescue Twin, the adventures unravel at a breathtaking speed. The net tightens around the three men until one of them is trapped and killed. And only then does the real action of this remarkable picaresque novel begin. In Giono’s universe, no murder shall go unavenged. This tale of primitive love and vendetta is cast in a timeless landscape of river, mountain and forest. With its taut, fast-paced story and pastoral setting, Song of the World is another triumph from the celebrated author of The Man Who Planted Trees.

JEAN GIONO was born in 1895, in Manosque, a small town in the southeast of France. He wrote more than fifty books-novels, poems, and plays-including Joy of Man’s Desiring, Blue Boy, and The Horseman on the Roof. He died in 1970.


“There is still dew on this world of Giono’s; he looks out on it and records his impressions of it almost as if he were the first man seeing it. The emotions of his people are refreshingly forthright and uncomplicated, and in his pages man stands in his natural relation to the animate and inanimate world about him.” —New York Times

“Simple and magical, Song of the World is an adventure story for the modern era. In France’s Provence region, two men embark on a journey to discover the meaning of life. Through writing which is invigorating and fresh, Giono re-presents man’s relationship to nature as the two men experience the wonders of the world.” —New York Times Book Review

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