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The Hunter Gracchus

And Other Papers on Literature and Art

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September 1, 1997 | Paperback | 5.8 x 9, 352 pages | ISBN 9781887178556
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Hardly the typical essay collection, The Hunter Gracchus is better described as a collage of ideas, commentary, and criticism from an eclectic stylist whose sentences ring with clarity and originality. Moving effortlessly from snake handling to Wallace Stevens, these essays take delight in an immense range of topics, including art and architecture, religion, and literature. In one essay, Davenport recalls a lunch with Thomas Merton at the Ramada Inn, where Merton, already the world’s most famous Trappist monk, drank several martinis and held forth on the architecture of Buddhist temples. In another, Davenport finds in postwar modernism a catalogue of our lost innocence. In the stunning title essay, he maps out the world of a posthumously published story by Franz Kafka.

About Guy Davenport

GUY DAVENPORT (1927-2005) was born in South Carolina and lived for more than forty years in Lexington, Kentucky, where he died in 2005. The author of more than twenty books, including The Geography of the Imagination, Eclogues, and The Death of Picasso, he was also a distinguished professor at the University of Kentucky and a MacArthur Fellow in 1990.

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