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Stories of Alpine Obsession

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March 17, 2015 | Hardcover | 6 x 9, 296 Pages | ISBN 9781619024533
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"A gutsy, up-close look at mountain climbing....[In] rich language ... Arnold has crafted a fierce book for those who know the game—and for the rest of us, who can vicariously push through our fears of the wild." —Kirkus Starred Review

In this powerful debut story collection, veteran travel writer and adventurer Dan Arnold brings to life the men and women whose lives are defined by the call of the mountain. From varied backgrounds with diverse perspectives, the characters that populate Snowblind don’t feel quite whole until they’ve summited some of the world’s most dangerous peaks—an obsession that most of us just can’t fathom.

A young climber walks a hotel hallway passing rooms filled with things but no people—rucksacks, jackets, sleeping bags, crampons, and ice screws strewn across the beds and floors. Later he will explain to his fellow climbers what it’s like to disconnect his harness and leave his fallen partner to die alone in a blizzard. A woman climber, isolated and alone in the mountains, calculates the risks of walking back to civilization after her pilot doesn’t arrive for their scheduled pickup. It’s the seemingly quiet moments like these in Arnold’s stories that create such satisfying tension.

Snowblind is a dose of old world adventure writing made modern for a new generation fascinated by the mystique of climbing. For both serious climbers and those who may never use a pair of crampons, the thrill of these stories, complete with triumphs and tragedies, makes for an incredible vicarious experience.

DANIEL ARNOLD began climbing the Pacific Rim volcanoes and basalt crags of his native Portland as a teenager and went on to climb throughout North and South America. His work has appeared in Rock + Ice, Zyzzyva, and The Mountain Gazette. His two books are Salt to Summit and Early Days in the Range of Light. He lives and climbs in Sonora, CA.


“Arnold departs from nonfiction storytelling to debut his first short story collection. The result is an impressive exploration of the souls of mountaineers…The reading is nerve-racking but well worth the trip.” —Stanford Magazine

“gripping short stories…Arnold takes the reader to famous spots—K2, Aconcagua—but it’s the personal stories that really compel.” —Sacramento Bee

“Arnold really knows how to write a spellbinder. Once readers open this collection of eight short stories and novellas, they will not want to put it down. Arnold’s mastery of voice is exceptional… This may well be a popular book. Its stories will appeal to fans of alpine and other extreme sports.” —Booklist

“a gutsy, up-close look at mountain climbing… [In] rich language… Arnold has crafted a fierce book for those who know the game—and for the rest of us, who can vicariously push through our fears of the wild.” —Kirkus Starred Review

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