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Nowhere Land

A Stephan Raszer Investigation

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May 18, 2010 | Paperback |  5.7 x 8.7, 480 Pages | ISBN 9781582435909
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Nowhere Land is a tense, odd thriller due to the New Age elements.” —Mystery Gazette

After a member of the Jehovah’s Witness Church is abducted in conjunction with a ritualistic triple homicide in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, the church engages cult specialist Stephan Raszer to track her perilous trail. Based on evidence that the girl may have been trafficked into a sex and terrorism underworld, Raszer soon unveils an inside-out reality that begins online and ends in a fabled fortress on the borderlands of Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, where a powerful figure known as Old Man is in control.

With the dubious aid of the abductee’s sister, along with a renegade CIA agent and a fraternity of gamesters, Raszer journeys far from the rational world and deep into a dangerous and erotically charged netherland. Raszer learns of a criminal conspiracy linking an ancient Persian sect to an Internet role-playing game used to recruit its foot soldiers. To find the girl, Raszer must play the game, holding onto his soul and sanity in a world turned on its head.

About A.W. Hill

A.W. HILL is the author of two previous Stephan Raszer novels and has won numerous literary prizes. He is a Grammy Award–winning music supervisor for films and was vice president of music for Disney Pictures. Hill divides his time between Chicago and Los Angeles, where he attempts to maintain a virtual existence.


Nowhere Land is a tense, odd thriller due to the New Age elements. Stephan is a fabulous hero as he follows clues that lead to a tri-focus where occult power is strong.” —Mystery Gazette

“A.W. Hill manages to stake the plot of the soul on top of the plot of the story, making for a page-turner that tries not to be too much more but can’t quite help it—guilty and spiritual pleasure dancing on the head of a pin.” —Alan Rifkin, former contributing editor for Details

“Fans of role-playing games will best appreciate Hill’s genre-bending third novel to feature L.A. detective-shaman Stephan Raszer.” —Publishers Weekly

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