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None But the Righteous

A Novel

List Price: $26.00

ON SALE: January 11, 2022 | Hardcover | 208 pages | ISBN 9781640094598

None But the Righteous is a southern gothic fever dream, a voodoo-laced journey through the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Set adrift when the storm ravages his hometown of New Orleans, nineteen-year-old Ham struggles to find himself. Has he ever truly belonged anywhere? He’s in limbo on a Greyhound somewhere between the Atlanta home of a childhood friend he’s idolized ever since she passed through his town one summer long ago, and the rural Alabama home of the young woman he met as they were both scrambling to find shelter and leave the city–the mother of his child.

As he reckons with impending fatherhood, Ham navigates his new circumstances under the influence of a saint whose relic was given to him by his foster mother when he was very young. When Ham finally embarks on a fraught journey back, he seeks the answer to a question he cannot face, though it is there, always, in his dreams: did his foster mother survive? Soon, Ham catches sight of a freedom he’s never known–and he must reclaim his body and mind from the spirit who watches over him, guides him, and seizes possession of him.

About Chantal James

Chantal James lives in Washington, DC, and has been published across genres--as a poet, fiction writer, essayist, and book reviewer--in such venues as Catapult, Paste Magazine, Harvard's Transition Magazine, The Bitter Southerner, and more. Chantal's honors include a Fulbright fellowship in creative writing to Morocco, and a finalist position for the Alex Albright Creative Nonfiction prize from the North Carolina Literary Review for 2019.

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