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Legacy of Secrecy

The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination

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November 10, 2009 | Paperback | 6 x 9, 944 Pages | ISBN 9781619021907
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“Explosive new material, based mainly on government documents from the National Archives.” —Vanity Fair

The rifle fire in Dallas that killed John F. Kennedy didn’t just start a frantic effort to find his assassins. It also launched a flurry of covert actions by officials like Robert F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Helms to hide U.S. plans to invade Cuba with the secret help of Cuba’s Army Commander, Juan Almeida. Cover-ups by top U.S. officials prevented World War III, but prevented a full investigation of JFK’s assassination, spawning a tragic legacy of secrecy.

Extensively documented and based on exclusive interviews and newly declassified files from the National Archives, this updated and expanded edition of Legacy of Secrecy details:

  • The full story behind Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello’s confession to JFK’s murder
  • New evidence about the assassination of Martin Luther King, including ties between James Earl Ray and Marcello, who “brokered” the hit for a Georgia white supremacist
  • Fresh information about Robert Kennedy’s murder, including the criminal ties of Sirhan and his two mob attorneys
  • The long shadow of secrecy surrounding both JFK’s murder and the coup plan ultimately set the stage for the Watergate break-in. It drove Richard Nixon from office, triggered the murders of five Congressional witnesses, and continues to impact U.S.-Cuba relations today.

LAMAR WALDRON was called “the ultimate JFK historian and examiner” by Liz Smith in Variety. His work has been acclaimed by authors ranging from former FBI agent William Turner to Kennedy biographer John H. Davis. He is the author, with Thom Hartmann, of Ultimate Sacrifice.

THOM HARTMANN (contributor) is a best-selling author and national radio host for Air America. Heard by millions of radio listeners daily, Hartmann is the author of seventeen books, including The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, which helped to inspire Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary The 11th Hour.


“Explosive new material, based mainly on government documents from the National Archives.” —Vanity Fair

“Exhaustively researched.” —New York Observer

“[Legacy of Secrecy contains] over 800 pages of intricately documented data. Their findings add pieces to one of our most perplexing puzzles, and suggest where the key missing pieces may be found.” —The Daily Beast

“Waldron and Hartmann offer convincing evidence… A riveting take on the assassination itself and the devastating results of government secrets, this account proves the continuing relevancy and importance of seeking the truth behind one of the US’s most personal tragedies.” —Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“I believe Waldron’s heavy-to-lift book is actually all but the last word on these troubling assassinations which have been so wildly speculated about since 1963… Lamar Waldron, indefatigable public servant and author deserves his own Pulitzer Prize for his great work.” —New York Post

“They’ve done a service by digging up the deepest, darkest, most disturbing archival evidence to support their Mob hit theory.” —Ron Rosenbaum, author of How the End Begins

“Staggering!” —Mark Crispin Miller, author of Fooled Again

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