The Viper

A Dave Gurney Novel

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Book Description

Pushed to his breaking point and accused of murder, retired NYPD detective Dave Gurney must face his greatest adversary yet to solve a mystery that is quickly tearing his world apart

Tennis bad boy Ziko Slade is serving twenty years for the grisly murder of small-time criminal Lenny Lerman. The facts of the case—and Slade’s checkered past—seem indisputable. What begins as a cursory review of the case as a favor to Dave Gurney’s wife’s friend soon spirals into something much more complicated. When Gurney’s involvement threatens to expose a viper’s nest of corruption, he finds himself framed for murder and pursued by a sensational media, a ruthless district attorney, and a coldblooded killer.

As he evades the law and attempts to solve the case to salvage his reputation, Gurney grapples with the realization that his unshakable need for police work is costing him more than the brilliant detective ever suspected. The Viper is the most shocking and riveting chapter yet in the internationally bestselling Dave Gurney series.

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"Verdon’s stellar eighth mystery featuring retired NYPD detective Gurney captivates from the first page . . . [The Viper] cements Verdon’s reputation as one of the best contemporary fair play mystery novelists at work." —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Moral dilemmas, great characters, and twisty, propulsive plotting makes John Verdon's The Viper a winner. You'll want to get your hands on this one." —Connor Sullivan, author of Wolf Trap