Nothing Lasts Forever

Three Novellas

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Book Description

These three novellas each shimmer with exactitudes of falling out of love and falling into death, as existence at critical moments renounces normal life for moments of absolute desire. These are narratives of obsession and calamity. Lovers and wives are at the edge of themselves, saying the unsayable, doing the undoable, challenging us to keep our eyes open to the disintegration and pain. At the core of each tale is an erotic intensity. The prose is urgent. The stories are unforgettable.

Into the Green Ocean Deep sees a man’s last days with a dying lover as they engage in a final burst of transgressive eroticism. Negative Space recites the anguished thoughts of a man whose wife of twenty years has confessed her love for someone else as she packs to leave. In Inviolate, a wife suffers the imminent death of her husband from a fall that has left him comatose. “Once coma defined the limit of her husband’s existence for the rest of it he was as well as he would ever be and so his wife at the foot of the bed observed that this was as good as he was going to look.”

Praise For This Book

Praise for Nothing Lasts Forever:

"Steiner knows what he's doing, and he's in firm command of his style."—Kirkus

"[Nothing Lasts Forever] exudes an existential angst reminiscent of Samuel Beckett" —Publishers Weekly

Praise for Robert Steiner

"Through its articulate and painfully nuanced first–person narration, Steiner's examination of jealousy and betrayal at its simplest becomes something sublime." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Out of personal bravery, Steiner manages to deal directly long and hard with darkness. Sometimes reading him, one shakes oneself." —Grace Paley

"There is no writer of his generation of whom I think more greatly." —John Hawkes

"Robert Steiner . . . has written astonishing work . . . in a style dark and gorgeous. (He) is a master of the sensual." —Los Angeles Times