Freedom’s Ghost

A Mystery of the American Revolution

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Book Description

As the drumbeat of the American Revolution grows ever closer, Scotsman-turned-American-patriot Duncan McCallum must navigate treacherous cultural and political waters if he’s to secure a fighting chance for the fledgling nation in this gripping installment of the acclaimed Bone Rattler series

After narrowly avoiding death in London at the hands of the king’s secret agents, Duncan McCallum returns to colonial America only to discover that his troubles have followed him across the Atlantic.

The harbor town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, is a smoldering powder keg as British loyalists and advocates for liberty feverishly maneuver to determine the future of the colonies. When a Native American sailor is scapegoated for the gruesome murders of officers of the British occupation troops, McCallum will have to face off against ruthless adversaries close to the crown. Soliciting the assistance of such notable historical figures as John Hancock, Crispus Attucks, and John and Samuel Adams, McCallum must rely on his skills in science, subterfuge, and diplomacy to stave off a war for which America is not yet prepared.

Just as Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander series took readers on a thrilling journey through the Napoleonic Wars, Freedom’s Ghost and the Bone Rattler series offer riveting historical adventures embedding readers in the clashes and intrigue of the American Revolution.

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Praise For This Book

"Eliot Pattison has produced an intoxicating blend of real events . . . with all the imagination demanded of a modern political thriller." —David Prestidge, Fully Booked

"Pattison offers once again . . . a fierce suspense that depends on love and loyalty, as well as cunning and intelligence, within the overall historical results we think we all understand." —Beth Kanell, New York Journal of Books

"Another rousing adventure for Scotsman Duncan McCallum in pre–Revolutionary War America . . . This historical mystery is good fun." —Publishers Weekly

"Pattison adeptly portrays the panorama of late–1700s Massachusetts, sprinkling in historical characters (e.g., John Hancock, John Adams), British spies, impressment, and more. Multiple plot threads run simultaneously, maintaining suspense as McCallum tracks a sadistic killer . . . Pattison's latest will engage readers who enjoy historical crime fiction and novels about the American Revolution." —Booklist