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Woman’s World

A Novel

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January 6, 2009 | Paperback | 5.7 x 8.2, 448 Pages | ISBN 9781582434636
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“Amazing... It has to be seen to be believed.” —

Norma Fontaine lives in a world of handy tips and sensible advice. Whether it’s choosing the right girdle or honing her feminine allure, she measures life by the standards set in women’s magazines. But Norma discovers that the real world is less delightful—and more sinister—than the one portrayed in the glossies. When dark secrets threaten her brother’s blossoming romance, Norma must decide whether to sacrifice life in a woman’s world for the sake of her brother’s happiness. As her decision is slowly revealed, readers realize that, like life in the magazines, Norma isn’t quite what she seems.

A stunning visual tour de force, Woman’s World is a powerful reflection on society’s definition of what it means to be a woman.

GRAHAM RAWLE is a writer and collage artist whose visual work incorporates illustration, design, photography, and installation. His popular series, “Lost Consonants” and “Vowel Movements,” appeared in London’s Guardian Weekend for many years. Among his published books are The Wonder Book of FunLying DoggoDiary of an Amateur Photographer, and a recently released diarama-montage of The Wizard of Oz.


“Amazing… It has to be seen to be believed.” —

Woman’s World is an absorbing, unsettling story… an amazing mash-up, a beautifully bizarre accomplishment.” —Bookslut

“The most wildly original novel produced in this country in the past decade… This book is a work of genius.” —The Times

“An exquisitely wayward work of art and outright comic masterpiece. Charming, chilling, sinister, surreal and utterly unforgettable.” —The Scotsman

“Sparkles with linguistic mischief while detailing a moving and psychologically acute story.” —Metro

“A brilliant invention, allowing full lyrical use of the available material, which Rawle gathers and pleats into rhapsodic riffs of garment ecstasy… A tale that moves with the pace of a thriller, with as many cliffhanging chapter endings and swerves of story… Woman’s World may prove to be metafiction’s first bestseller.” —The Guardian

“As mad and believable as a dream. Dreadfully funny and oddly unsettling. I think Graham Rawle may be a genius.” —Joanna Lumley, English actress and activist

“This book is astounding—fiercely original, William Burroughs let loose with dressmaker’s scissors in the hyper-real landscape of an early sixties Ladybird book. If it doesn’t win the Booker prize, The Guildhall should be burnt down and reopened as a beauty parlour with all the requirements for the elegant modern English lady… You won’t read many books like this this year—both object d’art and powerfully driven deceptively simple narrative. I salute Graham Rawle. It’s truly wonderful.” —Patrick McCabe, author of The Butcher Boy

“I am in awe. Rawle’s thesaurus… ought to be put on the web, his technique trumpeted.” —Daily Telegraph

Woman’s World... is dazzling.” —Evening Standard

“A work of art and an astonishingly moving, funny novel. This is an ingenious, wonderful book.” —Scotland on Sunday

“If genius and madness go hand in hand, this text is the proof. The genius is that this isn’t a mere novelty, but a perfect marriage of form and function.” —Gay Times

“The book I want to shout about is Graham Rawle’s Woman’s World. A thrilling novel… extraordinary…” —Spectator

“Grips as a reading experience from start to finish. Fresh, subtly subversive and often laugh-out-loud funny. This novel’s triumph is that it works on every level.” —Eye Magazine

“An astonishing book that’s both a sad, strange story and a unique work of art… A pleasure to look at and a fascinating joy to read.” —Image

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