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The Bishop’s Man

A Novel

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October 11, 2011 | Paperback | 5.8 x 8.8, 416 Pages | ISBN 9781582437668
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“With The Bishop’s Man, Linden MacIntyre keeps his unwavering and award-winning investigative reporter’s eyes on the most disturbing crime in our society.” —Globe & Mail

Father Duncan MacAskill knows all about temptation, all the devious ways that lonely priests persuade themselves that their private needs trump their vows. His fellow priests call him the “Exorcist” behind his back because he’s spent most of his priesthood as the bishop’s clean-up man, sent in to discipline the wayward priests and defuse potential scandal while moderating the emotions of the victims too—something that has been increasingly wearing away at his sense of justice and calling.

And so, when the bishop hears that a big media scandal may be heading their way and suggests Duncan relocate to duties in a country parish, he is only too willing. The trouble is the parish is very near where Duncan grew up. The long nights in the rectory give him too much time to think about his own turbulent childhood, and to drink, and to think some more.

He’s already teetering when he meets not only a woman he thinks he might love but also a boy who may have been the victim of one of his fellow priests—a priest he was charged with disciplining years ago.

Pushed to the breaking point by loneliness, tragedy, and sudden self-knowledge, Duncan sets out on a course of action that reveals how hidden obsessions and guilty secrets either find their way to the light of understanding, or poison any chance we have for love and spiritual peace.

LINDEN MACINTYRE is the co-host of the fifth estate and the winner of nine Gemini Awards for broadcast journalism. His first novel, The Long Stretch, was nominated for a CBA Libris Award. His most recent book, a boyhood memoir called Causeway: A Passage from Innocence, won both the Edna Staebler Award for Creative nonfiction and the Evelyn Richardson Prize for nonfiction. He lives in Canada.


“The Bishop’s Man [is] a sombre evocation of realization and regret in the person of Father MacAskill, the titular bishop’s man, as he awakens to the scope of the tragedy and his possible role in it.” —Toronto Globe & Mail

“Fr. Duncan MacAskill has spent much of his career acting as his bishop’s clean-up man. Known as the “Exorcist,” Father MacAskill makes priests disappear, shifting anyone accused of sex abuse, scandal, or other improprieties to remote locations… As the priest confronts his role in this web of scandals, he must also exorcise his own demons in this engrossing, lyrical page-turner.” —Publishers Weekly

“A great read—a page-turner which renders existential questions about personal responsibility into fodder fit for a thriller, and which takes language and form seriously.” —The Observer 

“Engrossing… a serious examination of the sexual abuse of children with the page-turning energy of a thriller… With The Bishop’s Man, Linden MacIntyre keeps his unwavering and award-winning investigative reporter’s eyes on the most disturbing crime in our society.” —Globe & Mail

“Written with a spare eloquence, its priest-narrator is possessed of an austere integrity… what is striking about The Bishop’s Man is the way the author achieves a necessary balance, keeping a judicious distance between himself and his tale of institutional corruption and its dire effects.” —Times Literary Supplement

The Bishop’s Man has the ring of truth… We feel we know this issue, yet we learn so much more from MacIntyre’s very credible, complex characters… A well-crafted, brave, and painful examination of one of the most monstrous issues of our time.” —Quill & Quire

“A brave novel, conceived and written with impressive delicacy and understanding.” —Scotiabank Giller Prize jury citation

“MacIntyre is a fine writer.” —Alistair MacLeod, author of No Grief Mischief

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