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Taking Back God

American Women Rising Up for Religious Equality

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February 1, 2011 | Paperback | 5.9 x 8.9, 368 pages | ISBN 9781582437088
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If you’ve witnessed the preferential treatment of men in America’s houses of worship, you will not be surprised to learn that there is a surge of women in this country rising up and demanding religious equality. More and more, religious women–Christian, Muslim, and Jewish–are declaring that they expect to be treated as equals in the religious sphere. They want the same meaningful spiritual connections enjoyed by their brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons. They embrace the word of God but are critical of their faith’s male-oriented theology and liturgy. They reject the conventional interpretations of religious traditions that give women a different–and, to their minds, lesser–status. Rather than abandoning their faith, these women are taking it back and making it stronger, transforming religion while maintaining tradition.

Leora Tanenbaum relates the experiences of Catholics, evangelical and mainline Protestants, Muslims, and observant Jews. The conflict these religious women face–honoring tradition while expanding it to synchronize with modern values–is ultimately one that all people of faith grapple with today.

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Praise for "Taking Back God"
"Well-documented, engaging, and encouraging . . . This book stands out from others." --"Library Journal"
""Taking Back God" may help forge alliances among women of different religions . . . And on a human level, it's a thoughtful exploration of a group of women who, like all women, live daily with contradictions." --"Bitch"
"Tanenbaum illuminates a forgotten landscape of progressive activism: religion. Her intimate perspective is personally revealing and enormously informative. She takes two of the most polarizing issues, religion and feminism, and weaves individual stories together to craft a tale of people not politics. She reminds us why we wanted to believe in the first place, and that religion is cause that is far from lost." --"Feminist Review"
"The author and her subjects seem to connect. Tanenbaum's chapters on Jewish women are incisive." --"The Jewish Week"
"Tanenbaum skillfully weaves interviews with 95 American women of all faiths into her own extensive research on the history of each religion. Compelling individual stories." --"Book Corner"
"Whether we eat matzah or ham at the dinner table this holiday season, our liturgy will feature men and more men. We worship a God invariably described as male, and we recite prayers that skip over our foremothers while praising to the high heavens our forefathers . . . Millions of devout women are fed up. They love their religion but want to take back their God." --Laura Tanenbaum on NPR
"Rich in anecdote, careful in analyses, strong in message, this highly readable and sophisticated text not only will inform the public at large but also chart the way forward for so many women who have chosen to take this journey." --Blu Greenberg, author of "On Women and Judaism"
"In "Taking Back God," Tanenbaum has done a great service by presenting a riveting account of the sexist sins of our fathers in not one but three major religions, and by gi

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