On Harrow Hill by John Verdon
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On Harrow Hill

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ON SALE: March 16, 2021 | Hardcover | 400 pages | ISBN 9781640093102
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When an old colleague comes to him for help solving the mysterious death of his town’s most prominent resident, retired NYPD detective Dave Gurney must use all of his analytical skills to hunt a murderer who just might be killing from beyond the grave.

The idyllic community of Larchfield is rocked to its core when Angus Russell, its wealthiest and most powerful citizen, is found dead in his mansion on Harrow Hill. A preliminary analysis of DNA gathered at the crime scene points to the guilt of local bad boy Billy Tate, whose hatred for the victim was well known. Except that Tate fell from the roof of a local church and was declared dead by the medical examiner the day before Russell was killed. When police rush to the mortuary, they discover Tate’s coffin has been broken open from the inside and the body is gone.

A series of murders soon follows as Larchfield loses its collective mind. Gun sales explode. Conspiracy theories and religious fundamentalism spread. The once-peaceful town becomes a magnet for sensation seekers, self-proclaimed zombie hunters, TV producers eager for ratings, and apocalyptic preachers rallying the faithful for the end of days. His quiet retirement shattered, ex-NYPD detective Dave Gurney finds himself not only facing down a murderer, but struggling to restore order to the town rapidly spiraling out of control.

About John Verdon

John Verdon is the author of the Dave Gurney series of thrillers, international bestsellers published in more than two dozen languages: Think of a Number, Shut Your Eyes Tight, Let the Devil Sleep, Peter Pan Must Die, Wolf Lake, White River Burning, and On Harrow Hill. Before becoming a crime fiction writer, Verdon had two previous careers: as an advertising creative director and a custom furniture maker. He currently lives with his wife, Naomi, in upstate New York. Find out more at johnverdon.net.

On Harrow Hill is the latest airtight mystery only ex-NYPD detective Dave Gurney can solve. Drawn into another seemingly impossible murder case in a small town with far too many secrets--and suspects--Gurney's keen skills and almost preternatural insights are once again on dazzling display. John Verdon is a master at crafting these Sherlockian stories, each more mind-bending than the last, and On Harrow Hill is destined to be the next hit in the series. --J. Todd Scott, author of Lost River

Praise for the Dave Gurney series:

John Verdon writes grown-up detective novels, by which I mean stories with intelligent plots, well-developed characters and crimes that have social consequences . . . the author's brainy gumshoe-for-hire, Dave Gurney, checks all these boxes. --The New York Times Book Review

Verdon is a gifted writer and storyteller. --Booklist

Why isn't John Verdon huge? Like household name huge? Verdon has a very distinctive style, one that is slightly offbeat without being off-putting . . . Verdon is an author deserving of your time and attention. --Bookreporter.com

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