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No Man’s War

Irreverent Confessions of an Infantry Wife

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July 14, 2015 | Paperback | 6 x 9, 320 Pages | ISBN 9781619025516
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“Outspoken in her critique of the 'Army machine,' Ricketts celebrates the 'secret sisterhood' of soldiers’ wives, defiantly and desperately battling for survival. A blunt, bold debut memoir.” —Kirkus

Raised as an Army brat, Angie Ricketts thought she knew what she was in for when she eloped with Darrin—then an infantry lieutenant—on the eve of his deployment to Somalia. Since that time, Darrin, now a colonel, has been deployed eight times, serving four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Ricketts, has lived every one of those deployments intimately—distant enough to survive the years spent apart from her husband, but close enough to share a common purpose and a lifestyle they both love.

With humor, candor, and a brazen attitude, Ricketts pulls back the curtain on a subculture many readers know, but few ever will experience. Counter to the dramatized snap shot seen on Lifetime’s Army Wives, Ricketts digs into the personalities and posturing that officers’ wives must survive daily—whether navigating a social event on post, suffering through a husband’s prolonged deployment or reacting to a close friend’s death in combat.

At its core, No Man’s War is a story of sisterhood and survival. As Ricketts states: “We tread those treacherous waters together. Do we sometimes shove each other’s heads under water for a few seconds? Maybe even on purpose? Of course. Are we sometimes dragged underwater ourselves by the undertow created by all of us struggling together too closely? Without a doubt. But we never let each other drown. Our buoyancy is our survival.”

ANGELA RICKETTS holds a master’s degree in Social Psychology/Human Relations and an undergraduate degree in Sociology. She worked part-time for the American Red Cross in Germany in the 1990’s but since then her formal education has been used to navigate the politics and personalities that come with being an officer’s wife. Her husband remains on active duty but transitioned to Homeland Defense in 2012. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Visit for more information.


“While recounting the specifics of a few encounters with some of the more challenging spouses, Angie makes her story relatable. She helps the military spouse reader understand we are not alone in some of the feelings we often try to keep tamped down…. Her stories and introspection illustrate the meaning of the word, which aptly and succinctly captures the numerous qualities of military spouses and how they do what they do. This is a great read for military spouses, their boot-wearing counterparts, as well as civilians. We all have something to learn from Angela Ricketts’ story.” —Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

Outspoken in her critique of the “Army machine,” Ricketts celebrates the “secret sisterhood” of soldiers’ wives, defiantly and desperately battling for survival. A blunt, bold debut memoir.” —Kirkus

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