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Joe Jones

A Novel

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August 10, 2003 | Paperback | 5.5 x 8.25, 256 Pages | ISBN 9781593760038
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"Anne Lamott is a cause for celebrations. [Her] real genius lies in capturing the ineffable, describing not perfect moments, but imperfect ones... perfectly. She is nothing short of miraculous." —The New Yorker

Joe Jones is Anne Lamott’s raucous novel of lives gathered around Jessie’s Café, “a restaurant from another era, the sort of broken-down waterfront dive one might expect to find in Steinbeck or Saroyan.” Jessie, “thin, stooped and gorgeous at seventy-nine,” inherited the café years before and it has become home to a remarkable family of characters: Louise, the cook and vortex, “sexy and sweet, somewhere on the cusp between curvaceous and fat”; Joe, devoted and unfaithful; Willie, Jessie’s gay grandson, (“I thought he just had good posture,” said Jessie); Georgia, an empress dowager who never speaks; and a dozen others all living together in the sweet everyday. Lamott’s rich and timeless themes are also here: love and loyalty, loss and recovery, staying on and staying together, the power of humor to heal and to bind.

ANNE LAMOTT is the best-selling author of Operating Instructions, Bird by Bird, Traveling Mercies, and most recently Blue Shoe. She lives in Northern California with her son, Sam.


“Anne Lamott is a cause for celebrations. [Her] real genius lies in capturing the ineffable, describing not perfect moments, but imperfect ones… perfectly. She is nothing short of miraculous.” —The New Yorker

“If love is details, so is storytelling, and Anne Lamott excels at it. Her way with analogy, metaphor, and evocative detail is subtle; her ability to shift from the specific to the general to the specific again, superb.” —The Nation

“Anne Lamott is the two-way mirror of our hopes, insecurities, and cheating hearts, an astute observer of human nature.” —Amy Tan, bestselling author of The Joy Luck Club

“Smart, funny, and comforting… Lamott has a conversational style that perfectly conveys her friendly, self-deprecating humor.” —Los Angeles Times

“Lamott is a wonderfully lithe writer… Anyone who has ever had a hard time facing a perfectly ordinary day will identify.” —Chicago Tribune

“Memoirist and novelist Lamott brilliantly captures the dilemma of a divorced woman from the so-called “sandwich generation” in her latest, a funny, poignant and occasionally gut-wrenching novel…” —Publishers Weekly

“Lamott’s use of language allows us to see the smallest details from a fresh perspective, and her stories of motherhood and faith never fail to entertain and move us, all within the tightly wound ball of a good literary yarn.” —Library Journal

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