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Book Doctor

A Novel

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May 9, 2006 | Paperback | 5 x 8, 272 pages | ISBN 9781582433240
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Everyone wants to write a book. Arlette Rosen knows this and earns her living helping strangers with their book ideas: books about Derrida and dieting, books of psychic exercises, a compendium of Alzheimer’s jokes, and of course, an infinite number of books about love. Enter Harbinger Singh: a tax lawyer still in love with his ex–wife and set on revenge, who believes he can win her back by writing a book. All he needs is help with the actual writing. The lives of Arlette and Harbinger intertwine in unexpected ways as they meander along a path filled with writing, sex, movies, love, music, and continual revelation. Cohen has crafted a modern–day romance and a hilarious, knowing look at the troublesome process of bringing a book into the world—for readers and struggling writers everywhere.

About Esther Cohen

Esther Cohen is the author of the novel No Charge for Looking. She is the Executive Director of Bread and Roses, the cultural arm of New York's Health and Human Service Union, 1199/SEIU. She lives with her husband in New York City.

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