The Number We End Up With

A Novel

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Anjou Lovett was conceived under a pear tree one half-moon night late in August. Not much in her life has been quite as poetic since. Her father left just weeks before sister Stella was born, and he returns only to set in motion a pattern of coming and going that would define their family for decades to come. With this sad, sordid history behind her, at the age of thirty-two Anjou is unprepared for the entrance of handsome, successful Quinn into her life. But after three years together, he leaves too–and in tragic fashion.

In the watershed spring that follows, Anjou starts to seek answers to questions that have been building for years–and she seeks these answers in the most unlikely places. While working as a U.S. Census enumerator during the month of April, still wracked with grief, Anjou will ask the people of her town questions that are far, far off the Census form list. Questions that are deeply personal, off-the-wall, and relevant not just to her, but to the people she poses them to. Their responses will help her face the choices of her past, the decisions of her loved ones, and give her the strength to move toward redemption.