Cold Front

Conflict Ahead in Arctic Waters

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The Arctic. Land of ice and the six–month day, irresistible goal for explorers and adventurers, enduring source of romance and mystery, and now also a poignant and unavoidable indicator of the impact of climate change.

As the ice cap shrinks, the geography of the entire Arctic region changes—clear shipping channels replace immovable ice and inaccessible oil resources become available. What will be the long–term consequences of these cataclysmic changes, not only environmentally but also socially and politically? How will the lives of the many individuals who depend upon the natural resources of the Arctic be changed? And how will the global powers that wish to exploit the region’s many assets respond?

Cold Front is not just another attempt to predict the outcome of global warming. It offers a clear–sighted and penetrating investigation of the Arctic’s pivotal role in international relations, placing the polar region in its historical, political, and legal context. The thawing of the ice cap creates huge opportunities for trade and transport—and therefore also for conflict between Arctic nations. This beautifully written investigation provides insight, answers, and hope for the future of the region.

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"Evocative." —The Washington Post