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Twin Study


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May 28, 2008 | Paperback | 5.5 x 8.2, 272 Pages | ISBN 9781582433936
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"Many characters in Ms. Richter's second collection of stories are outsiders...In addition to a sense of disconnection, Ms. Richter's people tend to share smart mouths and cranky states of mind." —New York Times

In the sense that all stories have been written before, a truly startling piece of fiction may be the greatest literary feat possible. Enter Stacey Richter, a virtuoso contender for that very prize, whose offbeat characters manage to toe the line between eccentricity and banal daily life. Each story is organized around a pair of characters, and these characters are permitted to reach their full bizarre potential against mundane backdrops. The result is fiction that drives toward a place of surreal revelations, in these sometimes disturbing, often funny, short pieces. In Twin Study, Richter beautifully captures — albeit through unlikely exemplars — the essential experience of humanity.

Often scathing, sometimes disturbing, and just as frequently funny, Richter’s stories wend off into the surreal and oddly revelatory. Called “one of the more outlandishly imaginative minds in contemporary fiction,” by TIME, Richter weaves her quirky characters into unexpected twists and turns leaving the reader somewhere between dreamscape and reality—and always wanting more.

About Stacey Richter

STACEY RICHTER is the author of My Date with Satan. A four-time Pushcart Prize-winner and a winner of the National Magazine Award for fiction, she lives in Tucson, Arizona.


“Many characters in Ms. Richter’s second collection of stories are outsiders… In addition to a sense of disconnection, Ms. Richter’s people tend to share smart mouths and cranky states of mind.” —New York Times

“Twelve stories spotlight diverse characters in pairs, observing how they react to the (sometimes bizarre) world around them and each other… Richter possesses a commanding grasp of narrative and human interaction, and a sharp ear for dialogue, allowing these tales to elevate beyond simply ‘unusual.’ The collection is witty, poignant, and admirably perceptive.” —Booklist

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