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The Hidden Wound

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May 11, 2010 | Paperback | 5 x 8, 160 Pages | ISBN 9781582434865
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"A profound, passionate, crucial piece of writing... The statement it makes is intricate and beautiful, sad but strong." —Washington Post

With the expected grace of Wendell Berry comes The Hidden Wound, an essay about racism and the damage it has done to the identity of our country. Through Berry’s personal experience, he explains how remaining passive in the face of struggle of racism further corrodes America’s potential. In a quiet and observant manner, Berry opens up about how his attempt to discuss racism is rooted in the hope that someday the historical wound will begin to heal.

Foregoing the opportunity to discuss racism allows it to continue to play a role in society and among all interactions. It is clear that to avoid what is most difficult is a forfeit of hope that society will heal—and through this essay, it is clear that Berry is not yet ready to abandon hope.

WENDELL BERRY is the author of fifty books of poetry, fiction, and essays. He has recently been awarded the Cleanth Brooks Medal for Lifetime Achievement from the Fellowship of Southern Writers and the Louis Bromfield Society Award. For over forty years he has lived and farmed with his wife Tanya in Kentucky.


“A profound, passionate, crucial piece of writing… Few readers, and I think, no writers will be able to read it without a small pulse of triumph at the temples: the strange, almost communal sense of triumph one feels when someone has written truly well… The statement it makes is intricate and beautiful, sad but strong.” —Washington Post

“The brunt of the book is to wake us up, page after page, from stupidity. ‘It is a kind of death,’ Montaigne said, ‘to avoid the pain of well doing, or trouble of well living.’ Wendell Berry makes that observation rip the air like an alarm clock.” —Guy Davenport, author of The Death of Picasso

“Berry has produced one of the most humane, honest, liberating works of our time. It is a beautiful book. More than that, it has become at one stroke an essential book. Every American who can read at all should read it.” —Village Voice

“One of the most impressive aspects of Berry’s book is the authentic simplicity of his style, the directness with which that style can accommodate Tolstoy, Malcolm X, work songs, anecdotes, speculation, and polemic indignation… The strength of this book is its connecting America’s two major problems: the exploiting of men and land; it deserves as wide an audience as possible.” —Louisville Courier-Journal

“One of the most touching and true personal testaments concerned with our country’s racial dilemma.” —Publishers Weekly


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