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Radiant Days

A Novel

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December 12, 2006 | Paperback | 6 x 9, 256 Pages | ISBN 9781593761318
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" old story, made fresh... with painful precision...." —New York Times Book Review

During the last days of the Balkan War in the summer of 1995, Anthony, a hapless American questioning the dot-com values that allow him to live a pampered existence in San Francisco, agrees to join Gisela, a beauty he barely knows, in a search for her son, lost in a Hungarian orphanage. In Budapest they meet Marsh, a brilliant but frustrated British war correspondent. Anthony thinks he has found in Eastern Europe what his former life was missing: enterprising young people openly questioning U.S. values, determined to remake their own world. But when an odd and edgy love triangle emerges and he discovers his mission with Gisela is much darker than he imagined, Anthony is thrown further in flux. Moving from the tattered romanticism of Budapest, through the sparkling Dalmatian coast, and into the brutalized landscape of inland Croatia, the novel takes a shocking turn of irreversible consequence.

Radiant Days is held taut in the voice of Anthony, whose desire to experience a more serious (and thrilling) life leaves injury in its wake. With a swift plot and seamless style, Michael FitzGerald delivers a story of unattainable love, misplaced lust, and the politics of compassion.

MICHAEL A. FITZGERALD holds an M.F.A. from the University of Montana and was been awarded the Fiction Fellow from University of Montana in 2000. He was also a semifinalist for the Faulkner-Wisdom Contest in 2004. Michael A. FitzGerald currently lives in Idaho with his wife and his daughter. This is his first novel.


“…an old story, made fresh… with painful precision….” —New York Times Book Review

“FitzGerald’s prose is often lively…” —Washington Post

“FitzGerald can write, and he refuses to avert his eyes.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“FitzGerald has crafted a gripping tale—one that speeds up as it goes along… unmistakable literary talent.” —Missoula Independent

Radiant Days is the darkly funny and deeply unsettling story of a young man who falls down a Central European rabbit hole. It made me squirm, and I loved it.” —Vestal McIntyre, author of You Are Not The One

“In his keenly accomplished first novel, FitzGerald’s enigmatic tale of a feckless and dissolute American caught up in world events beyond his comprehension brings a disquieting new interpretation to the old adage that truth is the first casualty of war… Through Anthony’s self-indulgent and alienated voice, FitzGerald flawlessly and astutely mirrors the ennui and confusion of a generation and world enervated by ceaseless and senseless images of war.” —Booklist

“Scenes of sexual cruelty and drug addiction are woven into a thoughtful if uncomfortable depiction of the spiritual bankruptcy of Americans. A gripping narrative that calls for self-examination…” —Library Journal


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