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Picnic in the Ruins

List Price: $26.00

ON SALE: January 5, 2021 | Hardcover | 336 pages  | ISBN 9781640093225

A madcap caper across the RV-strewn vacation lands of southern Utah meets a meditation on mythology, authenticity, the ethics of preservation, and one nagging question: “who owns the past?”

Anthropologist Sophia Shepard is researching the impact of tourism on cultural sites in a remote national monument on the Utah-Arizona border when she unexpectedly crosses paths with two small-time criminals. The Ashdown brothers were hired to steal maps from a “collector” of Native American artifacts, but instead of delivering as promised, the brothers are out to strike it rich. But their ineptitude has alerted the local sheriff to their presence—and forced their employer, a former lobbyist seeking lucrative monument land that may soon be open to energy exploration, to send a fixer to clean up their mess before it upsets her machinations. Sheriff Dalton, following the Ashdowns’ trail, soon discovers he’s not dealing with a simple burglary—and any hope the sheriff had for peace and quiet is long gone.

About Todd Robert Petersen

TODD ROBERT PETERSEN lives in Cedar City, Utah, with his wife and three children. He is a professor of English and the director of Southern Utah University's project-based learning program. His recent academic work focuses on film and television.

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