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Miniatures of a Zen Master

Introduction by Nelson Foster

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September 15, 2009 | Paperback | 4.6 x 7.7, 240 Pages | ISBN 9781582435367
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“Those familiar with his book Encouraging Words will appreciate the further evidence of this Zen Master’s wisdom.” —Spirituality & Practice

For more than four decades, Robert Aitken Roshi has taught thousands of people the Buddhist practice of Zen meditation, and has led hundreds through their practice of the study of traditional koans. He has authored more than a dozen books; volumes of commentary on sacred texts; works on ethics, daily life, and social action; and one of the best-loved introductions to Zen Buddhism, Taking the Path of Zen. A founder of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, he has spent his life as a political activist, work he continues to this day.

To culminate a long and remarkable life—he recently celebrated his 91st birthday—Aitken Roshi offers a collection of 266 short texts in Miniatures of a Zen Master. Some are clearly parables; others are simple stories, quotations, memories, and commentaries. Resembling Benjamin Franklin’s Almanac or the epigrams of Chamfort as much as it does work from ancient sages, this collection of “miniatures” distills a life devoted to teaching and awareness, of being present, showing up, and making a difference.

ROBERT AITKEN is a retired master of the Diamond Sangha, a Buddhist community he and his wife Anne founded in Hawai’i in 1959. The author of more than ten books, he has encouraged the real-world application of Buddhist principles through social justice and peace movements.


“In this sprightly collection of 188 short texts, [Aitken] offers brief stories, observations, memories, and commentaries. Those familiar with his book Encouraging Words will appreciate the further evidence of this Zen Master’s wisdom.” —Spirituality & Practice

“Like some of the finest Zen literature, they read like the contents of one’s own mind and also like a mirror held up to show the mind’s quotidian chatter to be somehow pure.” —BuddhaDharma

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