Three Zen Sutras

The Heart Sutra, The Diamond Sutra, and The Platform Sutra

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Book Description

A pocket-sized presentation of the 3 most venerated sutras of Zen Buddhism: the Heart Sutra, Diamond Sutra, and Platform Sutra

Features easy-to-understand translations and helpful footnotes—all from a legendary practitioner and translator of Buddhist teachings

Three classic Buddhist sutras—often linked to form a trio of texts that have been revered and studied for centuries—are now available together in this single volume. Red Pine, whose acclaimed translations these particular Buddhist texts are considered canon, provides a sensitive and assured treatment of the classic triumvirate in a gift-sized volume, perfect for sharing with anyone seeking guidance and peace.

The Heart Sutra offers the Prajnaparamita teaching of emptiness
The Diamond Sutra outlines the bodhisattva path followed by the Buddha.
The Platform Sutra is an autobiography of Hui-neng, the controversial 6th Patriarch of Zen, whose teachings have served as an introduction to Zen for 1,300 years

In addition to new translations of all three texts, Red Pine has included an introduction that ties all three together and just enough footnotes to explain what needs explaining but not enough to get in the way.

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