Threads of Time


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Director Peter Brook reveals the myriad sources driving his lifelong passion for finding the most expressive way to tell a story. Over the years we watch his metamorphosis from traditionalist to radical innovator, witnessing his expanding field of vision and sense of dramatic possibility.

For fifty years, Peter Brook’s opera, stage, and film productions have held audiences spellbound. His visionary directing has created some of the most influential productions in contemporary theater. Now at the pinnacle of his career, Brook has given us his memoir, a luminous, inspiring work in which he reflects on his artistic fortunes, his idols and teachers, his philosophical path and personal journey. In this autobiography, the man The New York Times has called “the English-speaking world’s most eminent director” and The London Times has named “theater’s living legend” reveals the myriad sources behind his lifelong passion to find the most expressive way of telling a story. Whether in India’s epic “Mahabharata” or a stage adaptation of Oliver Sak’s The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, South Africa’s ”Woza Albert” or “The Cherry Orchard,” Brook’s unique blend of practicality and vision creates unforgettable experiences for audiences worldwide.

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