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First published in 1972, “Think Little” is cultural critic and agrarian Wendell Berry at his best: prescient about the dire environmental consequences of our mentality of greed and exploitation, yet hopeful that we will recognize war and oppression and pollution not as separate issues, but aspects of the same. “Think Little” is presented here alongside one of Berry’s most popular and personal essays, “A Native Hill.” This gentle essay of recollection is told alongside a poetic lesson in geography, as Berry explains at length and in detail, that what he stands for is what he stands on.

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Praise for Think Little

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"This book speaks a lot about how we think on a macro level, but it is also about the importance of focusing on what we can do on a smaller scale—things like planting a garden and growing your own food . . . Connecting with the earth is very important to me.” —Nicole Richie, Vogue

“Wendell Berry is Kentucky's gift to the literary world.” —The Courier–Journal (Louisville), 1 of Louisville's 10 Best Reads for the Bookworm in Your Life