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Life B

Overcoming Double Depression

List Price: $26.00

ON SALE: May 16, 2023 | Hardcover | 6 x 9 | ISBN 9781640091290

A bracing and fresh look at a lifelong struggle with depression and mental illness

Expanded from Bethanne’s popular piece, Life B is a powerful meditation on how to navigate through the stubborn, thorny roots that engulf mental illness, and how to fight for a path to recovery. Recognizing the intergenerational effects of trauma and mental health struggles, Bethanne unearths the stories of her past—through her grandmother, her mother, her sister—in order to forge a better future for her two daughters, dismantling the stigmas surrounding mental illness in the process.

With the acute self-awareness of Kay Redfield Jamison’s An Unquiet Mind and the honesty and vulnerability of Daphne Merkin’s This Close to HappyLife B is Prozac Nation for baby boomers. It’s an intimate portrait we haven’t yet seen—of a lifelong struggle with depression, of midlife diagnosis and renewal and late-found strength. and, most importantly, a life-affirming blueprint of how to accept it and live alongside it.

About Bethanne Patrick

Bethanne Patrick has maintained a storied place in the publishing industry for decades. She comments about books and literary culture as the book maven with over 200k followers on Twitter, where she created the popular #fridayreads. She regularly contributes to the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Literary Hub, and sits on the board of the Pen Faulkner foundation and the National Book Critic’s Circle.

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