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Generation Occupy

Reawakening American Democracy

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ON SALE: September 14, 2021 | Hardcover | 6 x 9, 368 pages | ISBN 9781640094499
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From the fight for a fifteen-dollar minimum wage to the nationwide teacher strikes, from Bernie Sanders to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and from Black Lives Matter to #MeToo, Generation Occupy reveals the lasting impacts of the Occupy movement on American politics and culture.

On the tenth anniversary of the Occupy movement, Generation Occupy tells the story of how Occupy Wall Street reshaped American culture, redefining economic rights, progressive politics, and activism for a generation, setting the historical record straight about the movement’s lasting legacy.

Occupy, far from a passing phenomenon, marked the start of an era of social and political transformation that reignited the labor movement, remade the Democratic Party, and birthed a new culture of protest that has put the fight for social, economic, environmental, and racial justice at the forefront. Thanks to Occupy—which created the language of the 99 versus the 1 percent—economic inequality and the corporate corruption of Washington have become widely understood, changing the way Americans see themselves and their role in the economy. Progressive priorities like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, debt-free college, higher taxes on the wealthy and a $15 minimum wage all owe early credit to the Occupy movement, which shifted the political conversation to address society’s most urgent needs.

From reinventing grassroots activism to inaugurating a decade of youth-led resistance movements that have altered the social fabric, from Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock to March for Our Lives, the Global Climate Strikes and #MeToo, Generation Occupy helps us understand how Occupy Wall Street got us to where we are today, and how lessons from Occupy will continue to reverberate into the future.

About Michael Levitin

MICHAEL LEVITIN is a journalist and co-founding editor of The Occupied Wall Street Journal. He started as a reporter covering the Cochabamba Water War in 2000 for the La Paz English-language newspaper Bolivian Times. He later earned his master’s degree from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and worked as a foreign correspondent in Barcelona and Berlin covering politics, culture, and climate change. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The Guardian, Newsweek, Time, and the Los Angeles Times, among other publications. His debut novel, Disposable Man, was published in 2019. He teaches journalism at a college in the San Francisco East Bay, where he lives with his partner and daughter.

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