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First Snow on Fuji (Revised)

Translated by Michael Emmerich

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October 12, 2000 | Paperback | 5.2 x 8, 248 pages | ISBN 9781582431055
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The stories of Yasunari Kawabata evoke an unmistakably Japanese atmosphere in their delicacy, understatement, and lyrical description. Like his later works, First Snow on Fuji is concerned with forms of presence and absence, with being, with memory and loss of memory, with not-knowing. Kawabata lets us slide into the lives of people who have been shattered by war, loss, and longing. These stories are beautiful and melancholy, filled with Kawabata’s unerring vision of human psychology. First Snow on Fuji was originally published in Japan in 1958, ten years before Kawabata received the Nobel Prize. Kawabata selected the stories for this collection himself, and the result is a stunning assembly of disparate moods and genres. This new edition is the first to be published in English.

About Yasunari Kawabata

YASUNARI KAWABATA born in 1899 in Osaka, Japan, was orphaned at the age of two. He established a reputation as Japan's leading novelist in the prewar years with such novels as Snow Country. After the war he continued to produce major novels, including Thousand Cranes and The Sound of the Mountain. He was the first Japanese artist to be recognized by the Nobel Committee. On receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature, he said that in his work he sought a harmony among man, nature, and emptiness. He committed suicide in 1972. J. MARTIN HOLMAN has taught Japanese and Korean literature at Wakayama University in Osaka, Japan. He has translated the works of both Korean authors and Kawabata's The Old Capital and Palm-of-the-Hand Stories.

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