With Every Great Breath

New and Selected Essays, 1995-2023

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Book Description

“Master craftsman” (Los Angeles Times) and beloved author Rick Bass explores ecological, social, and personal landscapes through this collection that brings together his best-loved essays and brand-new pieces

For acclaimed writer and environmental activist Rick Bass, it can be wearying to dwell relentlessly upon the broken, the fragmented, the dead and dying and doomed to extinction. Activism is a necessary part of the environmental movement, but so is the time-honored celebration of the beauty that inspires us.

Spanning his storied career, these new and selected essays attempt to take a brief step to the side, away from lamentation and prescription, to inhabit, as deeply as possible, the greater depths of the beauty in each moment. With Every Great Breath ranges from the extremely local—a long-form essay about the community affected by the largest Superfund site in U.S. history, in Libby, Montana—to the far-flung: the Galápagos, Namibia, and Alaska. Throughout, Bass offers a portrait of our planet that is always alert to its wonders, even in the face of environmental crisis.

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The Orange County Register, A 2024 Highly Anticipated Book

"These essays attempt to step away from lamentation and prescription (so often tenants of environmental writing and activism in the face of crisis), to inhabit and celebrate, as deeply as possible, the greater depths of our world’s natural beauty—from Libby, Montana, to the far-flung Galápagos, Namibia, and Alaska." —The Write Question, Montana Public Radio

"Amiable tales from a natural-born storyteller . . . Whether it’s a lamentation for his many dead dogs or a new, insightful piece on how Hemingway’s hunting and fishing helped shape his writing, the congenial Bass always delights. Readers will enjoy dipping in and out of thoughtful, heartfelt essays oozing with sentiment and affability." —Kirkus Reviews