A New Hope for Mexico

Saying No to Corruption, Violence, and Trump's Wall

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“I’m not going to limit myself to condemning corruption and calling for its eradication; I also want to set out . . . a new politics, a different economic model, and the strengthening of cultural, moral, and spiritual values that can revitalize our nation.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) stunning victory in the Mexican presidential election signals the end of decades of conservative government and the promise of fairer, more honest politics south of the Rio Grande.

AMLO’s landslide success was built on a campaign that pledged to tackle corruption, halt privatization of the energy industry, invest in education and infrastructure, open a dialogue with the country’s drug cartels, and oppose Trump’s border wall.

Mexicans have responded to this platform with a resounding “¡Sí!” Now, AMLO will make a reality of the bold vision set out in A New Hope for Mexico.

“We will strive tirelessly to convince the US government that fellowship, without walls or borders, is the best approach . . . we want no more families separated and no more bones in the Arizona desert.”

Praise For This Book

Praise for A New Hope For Mexico

"López Obrador gets down to cases with table-heavy pieces showing how former presidents soak the system with fat pensions and protections, how net migration flows have operated in the last 50 years, and the like. A book of promises and projections that, now that López Obrador has proved victorious, becomes a checklist for action." --Kirkus Reviews

"Exceptionally well written . . . An inherently interesting and ultimately inspiring contribution." --Midwest Book Review