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Because It Is So Beautiful

Unraveling the Mystique of the American West

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June 13, 2017 | Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.25, 320 pages | ISBN 9781619029293

"These 19 selected essays by Robert Leonard Reid are stirring, witty, gorgeously written paeans to the wilderness. It's a wonderful, must-read collection." —Ron Hansen, author of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Taking its title from an affecting speech given by renowned author Barry Lopez, Because It Is So Beautiful is a response to desperate questions surrounding the protection and preservation of America’s wildlands. Lopez asserted that wilderness activists will never achieve the success they seek until they can testify before legislators that a certain river or mountain must be saved—not because of its economic importance or its recreational, historical, or scientific value, but because it is so beautiful. The words resonated with young mountaineer-musician-mathematician Robert Leonard Reid, who was struggling to understand his relationship to the world, to find his vision as a writer. This belief is knit throughout the nineteen pieces in the collection, which include essays from Reid’s previous books Arctic Circle, Mountains of the Great Blue Dream, and America, New Mexico, three essays that appear here in print for the first time, as well as revised and expanded versions of essays that appeared in Touchstone, The Progressive, and elsewhere.

In this book, Reid distinguishes himself from many science-based nature writers, using the natural world as a springboard for speculations and musings on the numinous and the sacred, injustice, homelessness, the plight of the Indians, and what pushes mountain- eers to climb. Ranging in their settings from eastern New Mexico to northern Alaska, Reid’s essays illustrate, often in poetic turns of prose, his belief that the American West is worth celebrating and caring for. Above all, because it is so beautiful.

ROBERT LEONARD REID, author of Mountains of the Great Blue Dream, Arctic Circle: Birth and Rebirth in the Land of the Caribou, and America, New Mexico, has received grants from the Sierra Arts Foundation and the Nevada Arts Council. He has worked as a songwriter, a cabaret pianist, and a mathematics textbook writer. He lives in Carson City, Nevada, with his wife, Carol, and his son, Jake.


“These 19 selected essays by Robert Leonard Reid are stirring, witty, gorgeously written paeans to the wilderness. It’s a wonderful, must-read collection.” —Ron Hansen, author of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

“Forty years in the making, this astonishing collection could not come at a more urgent time. Its title, Because It Is So Beautiful, alludes to Robert Reid’s unrelenting quest to celebrate our vulnerable, historic wilderness, but it also speaks to his prose, and to himself. With lyricism, charm, and trenchant observations, he inspires readers to meditate on the importance of being alive, of being responsible for the landscapes we inhabit.” —Sascha Feinstein, author of Wreckage: My Father’s Legacy of Art & Junk

“Imagine a Harvard-educated mathematician… Now imagine that same man as a jazz pianist, a noted Nevada lounge entertainer… Now lace up a pair of hiking boots and fly with this same nonpareil genius to remote Alaska to locate and follow a herd of caribou to their Arctic calving grounds just to see how it might be. And then imagine sitting on a back porch in Silver City, Nevada, population 60, on a crisp October afternoon and indulging in a beer summit of immaculate conversation during which three hours dissolve into a seeming fifteen minutes. Meet Robert Reid. My friend Bob, who I take great delight in introducing to you. I promise you, this is a man who can enhance, change, and vitalize your life. I also promise you he brings all that together in these pages: you’re going to love this book.” —David Lee, Pulitzer Prize nominee for News from Down to the Cafe

“…Indispensable. The pages embody the beauty they describe. We find here lightning bolts and bear, the balletic caribou, atomic weapons, legendary wolves, mountaintops where light is a territory of spirit, adventures daft and courageous. We find both the grit and sorrow of history and meditations on redemption and the sacred. But best of all, and most of all, we have the company of the writer: his clear, loving, respectful prose, his bemusement and honesty and learning, the finery of his reflections, and the integrity of his journey.” Steven Nightingale, author of The Hot Climate of Promises and Grace

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