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Peaks and Lamas

A Classic Book on Mountaineering, Buddhism and Tibet

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December 15, 2004 | Paperback | 6 x 9, 448 pages | ISBN 9781593760588
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Several years ago, Wendell Berry recommended we read Marco Pallis’ Peaks and Lamas. He had obtained a copy of this out of print and elusive title, and upon reading it wrote saying, “I have a very high opinion of it.” He praised the writing on travel and mountaineering, but he was specially drawn to the writing about Buddhism, the chapters on Tibetan Art, and went on “this is the best book, in my limited reading, in connecting a form of Buddhism with its sustaining culture. It would be useful to anybody interested in what a traditional culture is or might be, and how such a culture might preserve itself.”
With Wendell Berry, Gary Snyder and Robert Aitken offering encouragement, we could hardly ignore the imperative of putting this remarkable text, out of print for at least thirty years, back into print for a whole new generation of readers.

About Marco Pallis

MARCO PALLIS was born in Liverpool in 1895, and served in the British army during World War I. In 1923 Pallis visited southern Tibet on a mountaineering trip, and he returned to the area in 1933 and 1936, consumed by an interest in its traditional culture, and stayed in monasteries in Sikkim and Ladakh. His other books include The Way and the Mountain and A Buddhist Spectrum. He died in 1990.

"For insight, and the beauty insight requires if it is to be effective, I find no writer on Buddhism surpassing him."

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