An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence

A Jules Clement Novel

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Book Description

“Harrison takes her time resolving these criminal matters, allowing us to linger in Blue Deer long enough to learn its history, drink in the scenery and laugh at the kinds and quirks of its idiosyncratic residents. No wonder the world-weary Jules came running back home the first chance he got—the place is heaven.” —The New York Times Book Review

“The third and best of Jamie Harrison’s laconic Montana mystery novels . . . The people of Blue Deer are more than just a cast. They are a community.” —Time

It’s the fall season in Blue Deer, and Jules is once again up to his crooked grin in trouble. A camper’s discovery of old bones threatens to expose secrets long and deliberately buried in the hearts and minds of the town’s eldest citizens. Jules’s investigation mushrooms into a nightmare of long-simmering enmities, love affairs, arson, and murder.

An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence continues the exploits of Sheriff Jules Clement in this exciting installment of the critically acclaimed mystery series.

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