Terry Gould


Marked for Death

Dying for the Story in the World's Most Dangerous Places

Worldwide, nearly three–quarters of journalists who die on assignment are targeted and assassinated for their dogged pursuit of important stories of injustice. In Marked for Death, Terry Gould brings this statistic to life by documenting the lives of seven journalists, in Colombia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Russia, and Iraq, who had the guts to keep telling the truth in the face of threats from terrorists, corrupt politicians, gangsters, and paramilitary leaders.

Gould brings us the lovers, colleagues, rivals, critics, and even the accused murderers of these courageous men and women, searching for the moment in which these journalists understood that they were willing to die in order to get a story out.

Their compelling stories highlight how selflessly humans can love justice and their fellow citizens; how dogged and resourceful people can be in attempts to thwart injustice; how vital it is to show the defeated and the indifferent, as well as the powerful; and that there really are some things worth dying for.