by  on Sep 15, 2016

Dana Johnson was recently featured on KCUI Irvine’s “Writers on Writing” on how her background in journalism influenced her short story collection, In The Not Quite DarkListen to the full interview here.

by  on Sep 14, 2016

Kenneth D. Ackerman, author of Trotsky in New York, 1917 discusses his research, writing challenges and politics with Book Pleasures. Read the full interview here.

by  on Sep 13, 2016

Arthur Grace, the photographer behind Robin Williams: A Singular Portrait, 1986-2002 sat down with KQED to talk about his friendship with the late actor.  See the full interview here (Grace enters at 20:58.)

by  on Sep 07, 2016

Novelist Caroline Leavitt talks with Every Kind of Wanting author Gina Frangello about penning a novel while undergoing chemotherapy. Read the full interview here.

by  on Sep 07, 2016

Chicago Magazine‘s Claire Zulkey interviewed Every Kind of Wanting author Gina Frangello. Read the full interview here.

by  on Aug 30, 2016

Nicole Nelson of KUCI-FM’s (Broadcast from UC Irvine) “Writers on Writing” talks with Natashia Deón about her debut novel Grace and letting readers laugh in tense situations. Listen to the full interview here.

by  on Aug 25, 2016

The Doctor Paradox interviews Dr. Gavin Francis, author of Empire Antarctica, on his medical experiences around the world. Listen to the full interview here.

by  on Aug 17, 2016

Grace author Natashia Deón spoke with Lenny Letter on empathy, the law, and storytelling. Read the full interview here.

by  on Aug 09, 2016


Trace author Lauret Savoy’s interview with KGOU-FM’s (Oklahoma’s NPR) “Race Matters” is now live. Listen to it here.


by  on Aug 04, 2016

The New York Times interviews Arthur Grace on his new book, Robin Williams: A Singular Portrait 1986-2002. Read the full interview here.

by  on Aug 03, 2016

KCRW’s “Press Play” interview Eric Berkowitz about the injustice of placing juveniles on the sex-offender list, and his book, The Boundaries of Desire (now available in trade paperback). Listen to the full interview here.